Minnehaha Avenue Streetscaping

By robb, December 31, 2015 10:54 am

Hennepin County Transportation is reconstructing Minnehaha Avenue in 2015 and 2016.  The new road includes two 11-foot traffic lanes, buffered bike lanes, enhanced pedestrian crossings at intersections, turn lanes at select intersections, and storm water improvements.  More information on the road reconstruction project is available on the Minnehaha reconstruction web page.

As part of this project, the Minnehaha-Hiawatha Community Works program has been working with area businesses on streetscaping improvements that will enhance the walk and bike friendliness and support the economic vitality of corridor.  Ideas were developed through business member and community meetings. Streetscaping plans include artist-designed bike racks, street furnishings, and a distinctive concrete treatment.

Bike Racks: Through a design competition coordinated by the Longfellow Community Council, two artistic bike rack designs were selected for the corridor.  Through Spring 2017, over 130 of these artistic racks will be installed at 30 businesses along Minnehaha Avenue – tripling the number currently in the corridor.  The racks are being fabricated and installed by Dero, funded jointly by Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis bike rack cost share program.

Minnehaha trees bike rack
Minnehaha "bike" bike rack

Street Furniture: The Minnehaha Avenue corridor will also be getting new street furniture, including benches, planters, and trash cans. Plans include 28 new benches and 75 planters at 35 businesses along Minnehaha Avenue.  Project consultants identified a variety of furnishing options which were shown at business and community meetings in 2014/15.  From those meetings a preferred style was chosen that would be durable, distinctive, and economical.  The designs below show that preferred style – final designs may vary somewhat once the bidding process is completed.

Minnehaha Ave Bench style

Minnehaha Ave Planter style

Concrete treatment: A distinctive two-toned concrete treatment is being added at key business nodes along Minnehaha Avenue. The dark grey / light grey checked treatment will create a consistent look at nodes along Minnehaha Avenue that will tie into the furnishing choices. The angle of the pattern reflects the way that Minnehaha Avenue is a diagonal street that breaks the traditional grid found in the rest of south Minneapolis.

Decorative Concrete at 40th Street

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