Community Works Program Background

By robb, July 2, 2008 7:22 am

In the mid 1990s, a multi-jurisdictional Commission was created to study using joint parks and public work investments to improve the quality of life within area communities.  Specifically, the Commission looked at Countywide data and found that well designed and carefully integrated parks and public works projects maintain and enhance the long-term tax base of neighborhoods while improving their quality of life.

Recommendations from the Commission led to the creation of Hennepin County’s Community Works program.  Through this program, the County seeks to enhance how the communities of Hennpein County work together to create good jobs, provide access to employment, and build the long-term value of communities by investing in infrastructure, public works, parks, and the natural environment and by improving the existing implementation systems.

The Community Works program is based on five guiding principles:

  • Stimulate Employment Development
  • Build Bridges for Effective Planning & Implementation
  • Maintain & Improve Natural Systems
  • Strengthen Communities through Connections
  • Enhance the Tax Base

Community Works project have included the following:

  • 29th Street / Midtown Greenway
  • Humboldt Greenway
  • Lowry Avenue
  • Bottineau Corridor

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